Timeless Music

January 6, 2011


As the story goes, a lot of fans loved “In The Middle” & Trey, but Mike Caren (Trey’s A&R at Atlantic Records) didnt really “Get it”...(Continue Reading)

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Everybody’s “Working”, Nobody’s Getting a Check..

December 14, 2010


it just seems like a whole lot of people are "trying" but not very many are "doing"....(Continued)

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Mainstream Radio

October 7, 2010


thanks to the PEOPLE, lovers of GOOD MUSIC and the very few tastemakers that actually take chances, we are able to have STEFFNASTY and The BEATBANGGAHZ brand, be heard & seen by the masses. (Continue Reading)

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Loving You No More (R&B Remix)

September 20, 2010


SteffNasty feat.(KrissiLuv) - "Loving You No More" (remix) (Click the link below to download and listen) http://tweetmysong.com/p4utfp (continue reading)

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My Latest Record Placement…

September 3, 2010


if it were up to the MUSIC INDUSTRY and their standards or politics, no one would ever hear most of my work!!! (Continue Reading)

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August 23, 2010


you never know WHO is watching YOU(continue reading)

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HEARnoEVIL; Songs Im Diggin On (Part 1)

August 21, 2010


HEARnoEVIL; Songs Im Diggin On (Part 1)

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