Giant Steps

Posted on July 19, 2010


If Life has taught me anything, it’s that time waits 4 NO MAN….

I’ve found myself becoming more & more driven by accomplishments & results than ever before…I guess im realizing how valuable time is & I’m becoming very conscious of what I put my energy & time into.

As i sit here at my Computer listening 2 Giant Steps by John Coltrane & reflecting over my life (the last year or 2) 2 be exact. I feel as though for me, with age comes courage. I’ve always been a very Goal orientated & driven dude, since I was a kid but like us all, I can get distracted & procrastinate or get so caught up in the idea, that i forget to actually execute. (Sometimes we tend to fall in Love with The Dream But Dont Fall in Love with giving Life to the Dream) But, I think that growing older has made me more aware of my mortality & that in turn makes me work harder to accomplish my dreams, goals & passion. (Not just being an Idle Dreamer)

So  I’ve taken up  amateur photography, directing short films & documentaries, video editing, producing independent artists, promoting & marketing, singing & songwriting, blogging, creating internships & mentoring programs, Creating My own Non Profit Organization, playing the organ, playing pool, playing chess, doing interviews (print, radio & video), eating sushi, making organic juice, and many, many other quirky & random things…

I feel like my creativity & ambition wont allow me 2 be solely a (beat-maker, songwriter, keyboard player & music producer), truth be told, im naturally not really even a good keyboard player (ive just always worked hard at it and studied music like my A,B,C’s lol) and the other skills stemmed from me wanting to make music for my own songs I wrote. (songwriting in itself, actually came from me just wanting 2 express myself, creatively & emotionally) so in a sense, I wasnt born the most naturally gifted dude, I  was always just a creative, expressive & emotional dude and needed outlets.

I wanna stress that, life is about exploration & discovery, and in my journey ive learned a lot and that’s because I RISK A LOT, im not afraid 2 fail, be embarrassed or be hurt. I’m not doing these things for Money or Attention, only to express whats in MY heart. (hmmm, okay, maybe I do some things for attention, lolol don’t judge me)

But, ive taken GIANT STEPS in my life and because of those GIANT STEPS, ive been able 2 satisfy the creative spirit deep down(and accomplish Great Things). I feel sad when I do interviews with journalists & they question my intentions of “becoming an artist” or “recording songs”, as if im supposed 2 dumb down my talent & ambitions for the comfort of others…im not doing this for others, im doing this because it’s what my spirit tells me to do. Besides, like ive mentioned before, Great RISK yields Great REWARDS, (or great failures, but im willing to take that chance) i mean, it is my life right??

Anyways, I felt the need to Express myself and though that Others could possibly relate or Empathize. If you do things out of Love or from the heart, others will be able to relate, becuz Love is Universal.

You Only Live Once (that i know of lol) So Go out and LIVE!!!

PS. 4 those of U who are NOT Familiar with GIANT STEPS, here it is!!

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