Posted on July 31, 2010


I could Never imagine my princess being involved with anything like this.

As the Father of a beautiful, black, young, princess, reading this article really upsets me..


But, it also makes me wonder at the same time…how is this guy dealing with it?

I’ll tell u one thing, it can’t be easy & I can’t even judge him or the situation because I’m not involved, nor do I know the whole story…BUT, it does make you think, “how would I handle the situation??

2nd, in MY opinion, her reasoning is VERY indicative of where the minds of our youth are today, and how they view the arts, money & success. It seems like it’s becoming less and less about the craft or the art form and more about the hustle & exposure, is this generation lost??? I understand upward mobility, but at what cost??? is integrity a thing of the past? or is being taking time to build a long-lasting body of work old school and outdated??

The fact of the matter is, she is willing to do PORNOGRAPHY in order to advance her career in acting, and feels fully justified in doing so…

I feel that everyone is entitled to their own views and opinions, but what bothers me, is that she can validate her morally deplorable behaviour by ¬†attributing it to a calculated, power move. Now I’m sorry but, I take my craft & young people too seriously to just sit here and chill. I think that there is something wrong and it’s not being addressed. This incident is a small repercussion of the overall issue that society needs 2 address. And Not to sound too self-righteous but, the quest for success, substantiality & fame is becoming a little too devious for my taste lolol especially when these morally deplorable decisions are “chess moves” to get ahead in the arts…

it just cheapens everything that those who came before us, worked for. I remember what Chris Rock said “my job in life (as a father), is to keep her (his daughter) off the pole” well, maybe Lawrence Fishburne needs 2 see that dvd for himself lol

Click here for the Footage >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tojBadSr2zI

What are your thoughts?

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