It’s Been a Long Time, I Shouldn’t Have Left You….

Posted on August 15, 2010


No im not about 2 break out into “I know i got soul” by Eric B. & Rakim or “Try Again” by Aaliyah lolol

I havent blogged in a few weeks, I have been really busy at my job working, putting 2gether my business plan & structuring my non-profit organization, in the studio making music, and dealing with some personal issues. So I apologize for my absence, but know that im doing okay, so to speak(other than the usual stress, frustration & pressure that comes with being a workaholic & head of household)

Lately I have realized the importance of organization and following through, when it comes to my creative ideas & goals for my life. Working on this business plan, itemized budget, curriculum, lesson plans, end-goals, website & more, has been very time consuming & although it has been overwhelming, its definitely one of my long term goals that i have been dreaming about for the last 2 years or so(and it will definitely pay off, once i get approved for a grant)

Without being organized, clear about what i want & my plan of action, it would be a lot harder 2 put together something of this magnitude. Plus it helps that i have lots of great ideas, footage, experience, etc etc but, actually putting it all together to be presented to funders is actually the hard part.

My studio life has been pretty productive for the most part, ive actually been writing and referencing a great deal, which for me, is an awesome thing!! ive always made beats & vocal-produced others so thats not really the biggest deal lol but, for me to be writing to my own beats, doing background vocals & recording myself with other writers, thats a big step! im getting more & more comfortable accepting myself as a songwriter (its a skill i put on the back burner 10-11 years ago when i started getting into the music industry) but its definitely something that im really good at and i have a natural ability to express myself, creatively.

Im still recording my (yet to be tittled) debut solo project, but im allowing myself to get more comfortable ย with recording & writing 1st, that way it will be a smoother transition into becoming an actual “recording artist” it wont be such a risk or a drastic strectch for me (professionally or creatively) not only that, but i really enjoy doing it and thats whats most important.

Now on the personal level, ive been going through some things, i wont go too deep into it because i enjoy having a “personal life” in spite of my constant efforts to be thrown into the spotlight lolol. but, i am a father for the 2nd time (my new daughter is 3 months old) and just balancing my life out has been a little difficult at times. When your as driven, free spirited & ambitious as I am, its not always so easy to juggle a personal life, creative life & everything else. But i do my best and family is VERY VERY important to me.

Anyways, I really just wanted to let you guys know that im doing okay and if you dont see me much or hear from me, just know that im always up to something ๐Ÿ™‚

Though it is hard to stay silent & watch others bask in the spotlight lol it is necessary to get my professional and personal life in order. So i will leave you with this….

LOVE is timeless, so create from the heart and your art will NEVER die!

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