It’s Better to Fail in Originality, Than Succeed in Imitation…

Posted on August 19, 2010


“It’s Better to Fail in Originality, Than Succeed in Imitation”.

– Herman Melville

So, I just finished reading this new book my father bought for me 2 weeks ago called “It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want to Be.” by Paul Arden.

It’s a short read (123 pages), yet very insightful and motivational. I actually LOVE to read motivational books, i find them to be very helpful and they remind me of how great life is and how powerful we all are (if we just apply ourselves and believe). I think we all get thrown off track from time to time (some of us more than others) and I feel that its necessary to get that mental, emotional & spiritual boost. What’s great about these books is that, they usually tell u things that you already know or have heard before, but its refreshing to hear it and know that all the answers you need, are inside of you.

I think it’s really cool that this book is geared towards “creative people”, I feel that we are all too often, very misunderstood, overwhelmed, confused & discouraged when it comes to life & achieving our goals (I know I am).

One of my favorite parts of the book is (page 28) “It’s All My Fault” it reads; “IF YOU are involved in something that goes wrong, Never blame others. Blame no one but yourself. If you have touched something, accept total responsibility for that piece of work. If you accept responsibility, YOU are in a position to do something about it”

That little excerpt right there should give you an idea of why i LOVE this book!!! as simple as that may be, it’s very powerful and effective thinking. Many people go through life as a “victim” and everything HAPPENS to them, nothing is in their control (including their OWN happiness) or a RESULT of their CHOICES & ACTIONS.

The reason i emphasized the words (happens, victims, choice, result and actions) is because in my opinion, that’s really what life is about. The actions we take based off of the choices we make, the results we get from those actions & what happens to us based off those results. IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU!!!

yet a lot of us blame others, when we are at the steering wheel of the (metaphorical car of life) lolol

Anyways, I hope that you go out and get the book and enjoy it just like I have. After you get it, make sure you hit me up and let me know what you thought!!! did u like it? did u hate it? did u LOVE it, did it bore you? I WANNA KNOW!! LOL

so, talk to you soon!!! peace, love & music!

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