Posted on August 23, 2010


Recently I was searching through youtube, (listening to music) and I came across some videos of this talented, young, aspiring producer who is doin their thing in the music business. Now, I come across a lot of talent on a daily basis as I search the internet looking for new music, and even more of them contact me to collaborate with them and give feedback on their craft.

Now usually if  I enjoy what I saw, I tend to subscribe to their youtube channel, maybe leave a comment (or not) and that’s it (a lot of times in my experiences, people have HUGE egos and don’t even say thank you or appreciate it when u acknowledged them), But I thought this young man had a lot of talent, was down to earth & had a pretty cool vibe, so i subscribed to his youtube and even added him as a friend on facebook.

One day i decided to instant message this guy(as a fan) and let him know that i appreciate his gift and what he’s doing creatively in the music industry….He said “thank you” and that was it…

a few minutes passed and he realized that he knew who I was….as it turned out, he not only knew of me, but he was also a big fan of my work. He had watched all of my youtube videos, kept track of the different projects I’ve worked on.

We spoke for a few more minutes, and he let me know that, me reaching out to him was the highlight of his day. I was really flattered by that, and little did he know, his appreciation of my work & of me was the highlight of my day as well.

I really wanted to share this story as a lesson to everyone….Creative people that have been in “the game” for a while, always remember that YOU were once “just starting out” and it would mean the world for an up and comer to know that you approve of them & validate their gift..

And also, you never know WHO is watching YOU…..people may be admiring you from a far, so watch not only how you treat people, but also how you present yourself to the world.

I hope to continue to inspire & motivate everyone through my music and through my character…..I may not be rich & wealthy in cash, but through my legacy that i leave behind and my place in God’s kingdom I know that i am more than blessed.



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