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Posted on September 3, 2010


Hello friends, i wanted to take this time to talk about my latest placement “out the door” by Jimmie Reign on her debut album PRETTY GIRL. I am really proud of this placement because the track is actually one that I created back in late 2007 to potentially be picked up by Pop/R&B Superstar Amerie or Hip-Hop/R&B girl group Richgirl(both acts discovered by one of my favorite producer/songwriters Rich Harrison)

(back then, a lot of my tracks sounded like Chucky Thompson and/or Rich Harrison On Steroids lolol)

I was a huge fan of the 90’s Bad Boy sound, especially Producer/Songwriter Chucky Thompson who created a lot of my favorite songs of that era(Faith Evans, Usher, Notorious B.I.G., Mary J. Blige). Years later (2002-2003) i actually got a chance to meet Chucky and he was really impressed with my piano skills and offered my partner Buggyeye and I a Production contract. It didn’t really work out, but It was a very motivating experience to have one of your idols admire your work. Well the thing with Rich Harrison was, he was also discovered by Chucky Thompson in the 90’s and I always felt that I was heir to the Hip-Hop/Soul producer’s throne and that only those 2 guys would understand me musically lol…

So, fast forward to 2006, my partner Buggyeye and I were sort of in a management situation with the Product Manager & Director of A&R at Richcraft (Rich Harrison’s Record Label & Production company) We figured that would be the Chance of a lifetime and our idol would discover us with his new movement. Though we did get a chance to hear & learn from everything that Rich was working on before it was released, ALMOST collaborated with his artists (Young Steff & Richgirl) *we did have a writing session with Young Steff tho* and got a chance to meet Rich a few times (he definitely loved our work & saw the potential), but much like the Chucky Thompson situation, it didn’t really go too far.

So, full of dissapointment we took the tracks that we had made with our new-found understanding of song arrangement & Richcraft Influence and started over. In 2008 while looking on for new artists to work with, i stumbled across this Young, Up and Coming, Singer/Songwriter by the name of Jimmie Reign. She had a nice look and I dug her sound. Not only  that, but she was an independent artist that was creating her own buzz (and doing it well) So i decided to reach out to her and realized that her manager was a songwriter I had worked with in the past by the name of Meilani. So to me, that was the perfect coincidence and i sent her an email to catch up and let her know I really loved her new artist. We sent them a bunch of tracks, including the track that eventually became “Out The Door” and 2-3 years later It is now available online for the public to hear on itunes & Amazon on the PRETTY GIRL album.

I Tell You this story so that you can see the process that goes into placing a song….and why its such a victorious moment when we (songwriters & producers) actually have a song come out & be in the actual market for sale or download. When the general public finally hears our work, they have NO IDEA what actually went into the creation of that song or album. The blood, sweat & tears is what makes for great material, but also makes you appreciate the reward of having your work see the light of day (all too often we go through the entire process, only to have our song be shelved indefinitely & never be heard by anyone outside of our immediate circle) Also so you can understand that, just because people “don’t get it” right now, doesn’t mean that others wont “get it” later….if it were up to the MUSIC INDUSTRY and their standards or politics, no one would ever hear most of my work!!!





Ps. Shout out to Que Sylve, Brian Gibbs, Amber25Eight and Megan D for also being part of the creative process and actually writing to this track. I appreciate you all for taking a chance on something different.


“OUT THE DOOR” HAS BEEN CO-SIGNED AND APPROVED BY RICH HARRISON VIA TWITTER.  AFTER READING THIS BLOG ENTRY IM SURE YOU ALL KNOW THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THAT. LET THIS BE MOTIVATION TO ALL WHO HAVE A DREAM….Whether you are working on independent projects or mainstream projects, always know that people are watching and to always put your best foot forward whether you feel that the project is significant or not.

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