Loving You No More (R&B Remix)

Posted on September 20, 2010


SteffNasty feat.(KrissiLuv) – “Loving You No More” (remix)

(Click the link below to download and listen)


This latest remix of mine is of the new record “Hurt (Loving you No More)” by Diddy’s group, Dirty Money, featuring Drake. I first heard it a few weeks ago and thought the song was really dope!!! I really LOVED The chord progression of the song because it reminded me of the Bad Boy R&B sound of the 90’s (Faith Evans, 112, etc)….

I also happened 2 be going through a lot of stress in my personal life, so I found this remix to be very therapeutic for me. Music is the perfect way to vent your frustrations and share your pain, it also might just help others cope through whatever they are going through in life.

I decided to bring in my close friend KrissiLuv on this one, because I respect her a  great deal as a Singer/Songwriter and thought it would be a great idea to have her do this song with me. I also know that she could relate to the hurt I was feeling. Not only that, but ive mentored her for many, many years and felt that its time to share her gift with the world, so that they could find out what I already know….(shes kinda dope) lol

Once again, I am not claiming the title “Singer” because im still developing that but, I Am a TRUE Artist!! taking creative risks, expressing myself, allowing myself to be vulnerable and share my struggle, and sharing my TRUTH.

So here is my Gift to YOU!!!

(Click the link below to download and listen)


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