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Posted on October 7, 2010


Whats up!!

I have some new updates that i would like to share with you….

This has been a crazy few weeks for me, i shot my very 1st music video (which i am the star of) and my R&B Remix to “Loving You No More” By Diddy-Dirty Money featuring Drake got played on a Major, Mainstream Radio Station (POWER 105.1 FM).

I’ve been plotting and planning my way to Mainstream media since last year (2009) and i finally made it…the 1st time was in June 2010 on (Angela Yee’s SIRIUS Satellite radio show).

This is no easy task to perform, those who have been in the entertainment business, know how difficult it can be to get Mainstream exposure, especially when your an independent artist. I really wanted to share this experience with you, because i feel it is necessary to show everyone that you can accomplish the impossible, if you put your mind to work.

Shout out to Jovonn aka Jovonn The Last Donn for Supporting my movement, also Shout out 2 Angela Yee for supporting as well. Because they took a chance on an upcoming talent, a lot more doors will be opened for me because of the Brand Affiliation and the credibility they hold. I wanna say thank you so much to all the bloggers, radio personalities, DJ’s, & tastemakers who have helped me get this far. I’m extremely grateful for your support and i acknowledge that i couldnt do this alone.

And Again, like i said in my last blog…

“If it were up the to the executives at the major labels & media outlets, most of my work would NEVER see the light of day” but, thanks to the PEOPLE, lovers of GOOD MUSIC and the very few tastemakers that actually take chances, we are able to have STEFFNASTY and The BEATBANGGAHZ brand, be heard & seen by the masses.


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